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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The world of the unemployed...........

Who knew that being unemployed could be such an adventure. I have officially been without a job for 11 cool is that. I now know what it feels like to have hit the powerball jackpot, well less the annoying relatives whining for part of the money.

My wife and I have been touring through the southwest. You know, the sunny and warm southwest...........

Yes, thats snow. This was our first run in with the white stuff at Berlin Nevada. We saw the big dinosaur fish at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park. Very cool, I highly suggest this place when it is slightly warmer. If you are lucky, Ranger Mike Murphy will give a personal tour like he did for us. Thanks Mike.

Well, no problem we will just get warmer when we get to Las Vegas.......... WRONG! Welcome to the Valley of Fire State Park, it was a valley and we definitly needed a fire.

After spending two days in The Valley of Fire we headed out towards Flagstaff Arizona. We decided that we would stay in Flagstaff and take day trips tp the Grand Canyon and to Phoenix. Great plan, never gonna happen.

We heard the weather report while having lunch in Kingman Arizona. 10 inches of snow and 17 degrees in Flagstaff at 1:00pm. Not exactly what we were looking for. We altered the plan and moved south of Flagstaff to Camp Verde Arizona. It was warmer and there was no snow. We stayed at the Distant Drums RV Resort. From here we made our day trips.........

I will work on posting more pictures later. We are in Tucson today and this was the first chance to do a little blogging. I will be posting more about Montezuma's Castle, the Grand Canyon, baseball in Phoenix, the metropolis of Globe Arizona and more snow.

Still have another week of being a part of the great 4% of our nation without a job. We will be making the most of it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Just so everyone knows, I think today is my anniversary. I was lucky enough to convince my lovely wife Sylvia to marry me two years ago. The only problem with our anniversary is when to celebrate, see the actual date that we were married on was 02/29/04.......... thats right "Leap Year". So thats were I come up with not being sure if today or yesterday is my anniversary.

Either way......... I love you Sylvia and I am so lucky that you said yes!

What do you think, is it yesterday 02/28/06 or today 03/01/06?

Taking a long walk off of a short pier...............

Have you ever felt like you are about to step off of the end of the world? Well, I have. This has been a crazy week. I know I usually post funny or amusing things I find on the internet, but this time it is all about me.

I quit my job! Yep, decided it was time to move on. Between the nepotism, the office romance (as noted in a previous post) and having to deal with the Dark Lord Xenu every day, my wife and I decided it was time for a change.

So on Monday we both set the owner down (previously mentioned Dark Lord Xenu or as we call him around the office Donkey) and told him it was over. I'm sorry, I think I forgot to mention that my stunningly beautiful and scary smart wife and I worked at the same office. She had been there ten years and myself just a long 18 months.

He was quite incredulous in regards to the situation. I am sure that he thought at any time my wife was going to say April Fools. Well he was really the fool and had no clue. He gave away 10 years of loyalty and hard work just so his son, the Mule could keep getting lucky with the office Biotch.

Anyway, a much more happy day has arisen and the rainbow is out. Both my wife and I now see a future free of incompetancy and confusion (Lord Xenu teaches us that to be confused is to be stupid, check your Scientology Cult Handbook for that one).

Enough about that.......... as they say down at the cult, oops I mean mission "Live long and prosper" or some other science fiction saying that Lord Xenu ripped off.

By the way, I am looking forward to that next step........ As long as I have my wife by my side, I aint scared one bit.