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Friday, January 13, 2006

Are you new here?

Its a new year and I have decided to try a new thing. Thanks to my friend and co-worker Bram , I am going to give the blog thing a try.

I have been reading different blogs for awhile and enjoyed many of them. Hopefully I will have some success at entertaining others as much as I have been entertained.

I am going to be learning how to do this as I go, so any and all comments or thoughts of encouragement will be gladly accepted.

Look for many changes as I find out what my style is going to be. I will apologize to those that I will be blatantly ripping off as to their formats and styles. I hope to develop my own down the road, but for now it will be just plain stealing.

I will be referencing the blogs that I steal from. When I figure it out, I will even be putting the links on here so you can see why I like them so much.

Okay, first post down and many more to go. Thank you for reading this and come back again.


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